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It’s a Working Title Krueger-lele

January 5, 2017 in News by Dietmar Krueger

Our work with a number of solid body acoustics and the Blondie series has been going over in my mind for some time and when Blondie VI came in for a service last winter the seeds were sown

In addition to our work at Kruger Guitars we have begun to immerse ourselves in the musical community of a new’ish adopted home here in North Germany. We have made many great friends and associations and they bring a richness to our ideas and aspirations and this is were the idea for a Ukulele came from.

Anyone who has seen the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain cannot fail to fall in love with these instruments and so it was time that Krueger took on the challenge. When you throw in the mix the solid bodies and acoustics we have been building then you begin to sense the direction.

The the working title, this is also work in progress and we will update you on how we are doing, so check back soon.

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