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There’s a Twist(er)

July 23, 2018 in News by Dietmar Krueger

Well in our never-ending desire to push boundaries and provide innovation and creative instruments for our clients we embarked on the Twister Lap Steel Guitar.

This has been a slow burn, small conversations with our client here and there over a period of time, the odd YouTube video of amazing players and soundscapes from some incredible and inventive music and uses of the instrument, so much research into pickups and options.

But in all of this it was the simplicity of the original Fender Champion Lapsteel’s that really underpinned the essence of this build. These instruments may have looked simple but their sound and playability is legendary. For an entry-level instrument of its day it has stood the test of time.

Whilst the simplicity and tonal qualities of the Champion was a starting point, that is where everything else ends and as we develop this model we discussed options around tunings and this posed a really interesting question, D or G. Our client wished to work primarily in these tunings.

Do we simply retune or go double neck or is there another option. Well it turns out there is, with some school level geometry and a bit of lateral thinking, the “Twister” was conceived. A double-sided model that revolves to provide either a D or G tuned option, a compact, lighter weight solution.

Full gallery and sound samples coming soon.