The Merits of a Thinline Classical Electro-Acoustic

June 16, 2016 in News by Dietmar Krueger

Over the years I have repaired, renovated and upgraded many traditional and electro-acoustic solid & full body classical guitars. Each has its merits but is there a third way, that’s where I began with “Bossa”.

How do you avoid feedback and ensure “that sound” that comes from an open body and its sound chamber, well in was something I have been working on for some time and my answer is the “Bossa” Model.

A “Thinline” lightweight well balanced elctro-acoustic classical guitar with a modern feel that has retained that natural warm sound even when amplified.

Still an evolving solution and as I have always have worked, it has been with the input of gigging musicians. Its there experiences and insight in demanding situations that make the difference and help me focus in on what matters and what works.

So please check back to see how we evolve and refine this model and how it performs.

Hohner TWP Classical Post image part repaired

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