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Review Frankfurt Musikmesse

May 16, 2016 in News by Dietmar Krueger

Everything has changed and yet nothing is different. Isn’t that the way. I have been visiting the Musikmessa for many years now and it is always great to see old friend and make new ones , but

the world is changing and I guess how we do business is too. This year saw far fewer display stands and exhibitors and consequently less old faces to talk through how things are changing and whats new.

Is this inevitable as we use social media and online sales to network and attract business, yes the numbers stack up and the market place has changed and the cost of exhibiting is not showing the same levels of return they use to.

But is this the only way to measure the benefit of such an event and what is it we are loosing. I know for me its those chance meetings, to share an idea, to experience first hand the new and the opportunity to forge new relationships.

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