Sabine Kress in action at the photo shoot for real

Photo Shoot – Sabine Kress

January 5, 2017 in News by Dietmar Krueger

It was time we updated our website and our designer (Paul at Pawlo Designs) who has been working with us for many years, this is Krueger Guitars mark III, guided us through why it was time and what we could expect and how our potential clients were thinking differently.

A bit of a eye opener, but it is always good to learn new things and having relocated to the north of Germany a few years ago it was a real opportunity to reach out to our locality.

Paul also recommended that we took this opportunity to think about how we present our work and custom builds and a huge part of that was to engage in a serious photoshoot. We are fortunate to know Sabine Kress, a very busy photo journalist and amazing studio photographer.

We have to thank her for taking our product and ethos to heart and for bringing our instruments to life in a way that gets the best out of them, a true artist.

But judge for yourself and look at our custom build galleries.

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