Let us help keep your instrument in great condition and playing at its peak with our standard plus service package

Fret Redress
Removal of fret wear and flatting with polished finish
Neck Adjustment
Adjustment and truing of neck to ensure comfortable and in-tune playing
Intonation Check
Fine adjustment of bridge, nut, a. other intonation hardware to ensure your instrument will always tune correctly
Adjustment of String Action
String spacing and height adjusted to suit your playing needs

Here’s the plus

In addition to our standard services package we also carry out the following extra work on our “plus package”

Service of Mechanical Parts
Machine Heads/Tuners, strap locks and pins, floating scratch plates etc all checked and adjusted as required.
Removal of Light Surface Marks (Buckle Rash)
Light rash and wear removed and buffed on the rear body of your instrument.

We always ensure we take the greatest care of your instrument and will handle as if it was our own.

In addition to the core service we will always restring your guitar with your preferred gauge of strings, ensuring when you pick up the instrument for the first time it will feel like new.

We look forward to talking to you and seeing how we can help.

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