For Those Times When We are Beyond Repair

There are the purists and I am one of them when the situation is right, but sometimes there is nothing else for it but to grab the bull by the horns and start again.

Our full restoration service covers all jazz, acoustic and electric guitars and we will be as faithful as it is possible to be to the original


If you prefer we can upgrade and refinish and bring the instrument up to new standards depending on your preference and needs.

The choice is yours and for us its the discussion and understanding of your needs and wishes that’s key to the perfect restoration.

Case Study – Hohner TWP Western Steel String

This 80’s throwback had seen better days and our client wanted to start from scratch to bring this much used and abused workhorse back to life and fit for the 21st century.

This involved a complete refinish, removal of all traces of use, partly new bindings, re-fretting, replacing and updating electrics / pickups, improved action, new hardware and it’s dignity restored.

All Collections
Full Body Restoration
  • Hohner TWP New neck binding
    Hohner TWP - Preparing New Neck Binding
  • Hohner TWP Western rear body sanding
    Hohner TWP Body Sanding
  • Hohner TWP Western new neck binding in clamps
    Hohner TWP Neck Binding in Clamps
  • Hohner TWP Western body sanding down the neck
    Hohner TWP Body Sanding Neck
  • Hohner TWP Western headstock binding repair
    Hohner TWP Headstock Binding Repair
  • Hohner TWP Western sanding down the body top
    Hohner TWP body sanding to the body top
  • Hohner TWP Western body preapred for re-spraying
    Hohner TWP Ready For Body Spraying
  • Hohner TWP Western newly prepared frets
    Hohner TWP New Frets
  • Hohner TWP Western, fully refinished body front view
    Hohner TWP Full Refinished Body
  • Hohner TWP Western rear body wood staining
    Hohner TWP Rear Body Colour Match Staining
  • Hohner TWP Western newly refinished bridge
    Hohner TWP New Bridge
  • Hohner TWP rear of body and preamp
    Hohner TWP Rear and Pre-amp

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