Nothing Lasts Forever

As with all good things eventually, well you know the score, but pardon the pun, there’s no need to fret.

We can re-fret your instrument no matter whether it is a slinky fast action soloing machine or a chunky high action jumbo with a jangle to die for. We can supply the exact specification of fret fire you know and love using.

Electric, acoustic or jazz, bound or unbound we will remove the old frets, flat and clean the finger board, cut and profile each fret to shape and then refit and rebind, finishing as if it were new.

Once re-fretted we will set up and adjust the action to your requirements and preferred setting and feel.

Case Study – Hohner TWP Western Steel

This great little solid bodied electro had the lot, full re-fret and dress, rebinding and adjusted action to the clients specification.

Sometimes it is possible to improve on a great instrument.

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