Have You Got Any Questions?

We hope you find the information on this site helpful. Just in case you need more we answer some of your questions here

Can you repair a damaged body top?

Yes, we can. We can remove the old top from an acoustic, classical or jazz bodied guitar and replace and refinish it like new. Please see the following examples by clicking here.

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What is involved in a "Fret Redress?

There are three stages

  1. we remove the major dents and unevenness with a radius sanding block and check for flatness and contour
  2. we smooth out any fine file marks with radius gauge, dry using 320/600 grade
  3. we finish off with finest grade wire wool and polish with compound for smooth optimal performance

Fret redress is part of our standard service package, please see the full details here

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Can you improve the playability of my guitar?

The short answer is probably yes. There are many factors that can affect how well the instrument plays and it also depends on your playing style and the type of guitar

In general we will look at the bridge, nut, frets, truss rod and straightness of the neck and make an assessment. Most of these can be adjusted manually and corrected. However there may be exceptions such as worn out parts, which may need replacing.

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I need to add new pickups to my guitar?

Whether you require a pickup for a jazz guitar, solid body electric or acoustic we can fit new pick-ups for nearly all.

This is normally straight forward if it is a like-for-like swap. However we may be required to carry out some remedial work if the new pickup is of a different size in order to accommodate it. We will discuss what is involved in detail for you to make the final decision.

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How do I go about commisioning a custom hand made guitar?

You don’t expect a short answer to that question, but we are prepared for you.

In essence we start with a chance to discuss your thoughts and needs and what the instrument has to achieve sonically and visually.

From here we work through the design process until you are happy with the approach.

Like any project of this nature there are many options and stylistic decisions to be made and we will engage with you at every step of the journey. We truly believe communication is the key here.

We have explored the process in greater detail in our Custom Build section so that you can get a true feel for how this process really unfolds. Please click here for more information

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How long will it take to refinish and respray a guitar?

This depends on a few factors

  1. The type of instrument
  2. If we need to remove the current finish
  3. The condition of the instrument when the finish is removed. We may need to carry out some further treatment of the body in order to prepare the surface so that we can apply the new finish
  4. How complex a finish you require. A fully blended three-tone sunburst clearly takes longer than a clear coat of satin finish.

So there is no one single answer to this but we are always happy to discuss your individual needs and provide a bespoke option for you.

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My guitar is constantly out of tune, can you help?

If that is the case there are a number of possibilities depending on the type of guitar

Acoustics – this is most likely an issue with the neck and if it has a truss rod then it is normally a quick fix.

Jazz Guitars – if it has a floating bridge with height and string adjustment then this may well need adjusting and realigning and obviously we would look at the neck for straightness and true.

Solid Body Electric Guitars – as with Jazz guitars we would check bridge and neck adjustments but if the bridge includes a vibrato/tremolo system we would also look at is setting and adjustment.

For guitar necks with no truss rod we would need to look on a case by case situation. We can retro fit a truss rod or indeed fit and replace a compatible neck.

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The Frets on my guitar are worn down can you replace them?

Yes we can, is the quick answer. We can remove and replace with an agreed specification of fret wire.

Depending on how the frets are fixed and if there is binding on the edge of the neck we may need to remove the binding in order to remove and replace the frets. Every care will be take to remove the binding carefully and in tact.

However it may not be possible to do this without damaging and so we will inform you at the time if you will need to replace binding in the process before we start.

Please visit our full refret page here for an example

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My guitar is looking tired and sad, what can you do?

Unless you prefer the road worn look, then for many of us there is nothing sadder than our faithful instrument showing its age.

We have a whole range of options in our guitar repairs sections from a simple repair or hardware upgrade, body repairs or indeed a full refinish or complete restoration.

There is very little we have not seen and even less that scares us so please have a looks at our repairs section and see just how we can help you bring your instrument back to its full glory.

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Can you repair a split neck joint?

Yes many splits can be repaired. In most cases we can clean the joint and provide a glue repair and refinish so that the repair is almost invisible.

We will take each brake on its merits. In extreme cases we may recommend either a partial rebuild or a full replacement. But our philosophy is where possible we retain the original and repair and replace as a last option.

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I want to change the finish on my jazz guitar?

The answer to that is yes. We can undertake everything from a clear finish to a solid colour all the way up to a full three-tone sunburst. Please see our Full Body Refinish section here.

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What do you offer in your service package?

We have two levels of Service package

Standard – which covers

A fret Redress

Neck Adjustment

Intonation Check

Adjustment of String Action

Fitted with a new set of strings


Standard Plus – which includes in addition to the standard package

Service of Mechanical Parts

Removal of light surface marks (buckle rash)

Visit our Standard Service Page here

Visit our Standard Plus Service Page here

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