January 2017


Slotted Headstock

Dietmar Krüger

Custom built
tenor ukulele

The Brief: A ukulele has it’s own set of needs and requirements and I am always keen to evolve and progress so whilst the 15 degree influence is still clearly in evidence there are twists and evolutions.

The speciality here is the wood: Japanese Cherry: Directly out of our garden. The cutaway correlates to our Ukulele standard. The headstock is slotted according to old tradition.

Why Uku-meine? Well, this is the first Ukulele built for myself

Body depth: 80mm
Body width: 250mm / 170mm
Body Top: Cedar
Body Sides: Japanese Cherry
Body Back: Japanese Cherry
Neck: Mahagoni, 3-piece D-Shape
Nut: Zero Fret
Scale length: 450mm
Fingerboard: Bubunga
Frets: 20 Jumbo medium
Weight: 0.6kg
Tuners: Rubner, Single, 2R – 2L
Finish: Polyurethane, High Gloss
Strings: Martin M620 Tenor

Uku-meine model endpin inlay
Uku-meine model neck rear joint inlay

Construction: Even as a Tenor model the ukulele is a compact instrument and this brings its own challenges, but the fundamentals stay the same.

Our Uku–meine is a full body high end model, its wood is Japanese cherry. The internal struts and bracing’s have been developed to give this instrument a bright and responsive sound and tone. Inside there is a shellac lacquering for protection (like in all our ukuleles). The enhanced cutaway is built to give this 20 fret instrument excellent access and playability.

Whilst at first glance this is a very stripped down look, there are small touches everywhere that just bring that real sense of individuality.

Sound Samples: Don’t just take our word for it try our sound samples and hear for yourself.

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  • Uku-meine model headstock rear view
    Uku-meine headstock rear view
  • Uku-meine model bridge and saddle detail
    Uku-meine through string bridge
  • Uku-meine model headstock front view
    Uku-meine headstock front view
  • Uku-meine model cutaway and shoulder
    Uku-meine top shoulder cutaway
  • Uku-meine model full body front view
    Uku-meine body front view
  • Uku-meine model full body rear view
    Uku-meine body rear view

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