November 2016


Paul Muszanskyj

Custom built tenor
electro-acoustic ukulele

The Brief: The Second of these is the UK-lele again inspired by the Inspiration B Blondie models and this is where we started. But a ukelele has it’s own set of needs and requirements and I am always keen to evolve and progress so whilst the 15 degree influence is still clearly in evidence there are twists and evolution’s.

The lineage is clear in choice of woods and single cutaway but that’s where it ends, particularly the shape of the cutaway, redesigned headstock and stripped down electronics.

Oh yes, why UK-lele, well that’s down to it’s British influence who commissioned the original Blondie series.

Body depth: 80mm
Body width: 250mm / 170mm
Top: Fichte
Body Sides: Sycamore (old stock)
Body Back: Sycamore (old stock)
Neck: Mahagoni, 3-piece D-Shape
Nut: Zero Fret
Scale length: 450mm
Fingerboard: Ebony
Frets: 20 Jumbo medium
Pickup: B-Band A1.2N, 1x Volume
Tuners: Rubner, Single, 2R – 2L
Finish: Polyurethane, High Gloss
Strings: Martin M620 Tenor

UK-lele model neck joint viewed from the top
UK-lele model end pin area inlays

Construction: Even as a Tenor model the UK-lele is a compact instrument and this brings its own challenges, but the fundamentals stay the same. Our UK–lele is a full body high end model with selected AAA grade woods and highly rated B-Band A1.2 pickup. The internal struts and bracing have been developed to give this instrument a bright and responsive sound and tone. The enhanced cutaway is built to give this 20 fret instrument excellent access and play-ability. Whilst at first glance this is a very stripped down look, there are small touches everywhere that just bring that real sense of individuality.

Sound Samples: Don’t just take our word for it try our sound samples and hear for yourself.

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Uk Elele
  • UK-lele model headstock rear view
    UK-lele headstock rear view
  • UK-lele model string bridge
    UK-lele through string bridge
  • UK-lele model headstock front view
    UK-lele headstock front view
  • UK-lele model neck joint
    UK-lele shoulder and neck joint
  • UK-lele model body front view
    UK-lele body front view
  • UK-lele model body rear view
    UK-lele body rear view

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