The Krueger Process

THE BRIEF – Before we ever discussed the guitar, Dietmar took time out to look at my playing style, technique and grip so that he understood how I connected with the instrument, including measuring and developing the neck profile.

We also spent some time talking about exactly how the guitar was to be used. In my case it was the impossible dilemma of an acoustic with a deep full bodied tone that sounds great acoustically and then it also had to perform as well as an electro-acoustic on stage, with no feedback. A tall order for anyone, but you can tell this is the sort of challenge Dietmar enjoys.

MATERIALS – Once the concept was down on paper and Dietmar had ironed out the technical aspects of the detailed construction it was time for materials to be selected. He talked me through the implications of each section of the instrument and how different materials would impact on the overall sound and performance and eventually we selected from a range of materials that achieved the exact right combination to meet the brief and my needs.I really enjoyed having the lines of communication open and being engaged with the process.

Base concept drawing for the Blondie range


Wood as I knew, being a natural material, needs time to settle whilst being worked and Dietmar kept me up to date with emails and photos so that I could see what was happening and could grasp the process and the various stages. But even here there are always decisions to be made, binding, finish, machine heads, end pins etc. My temptation was to go for it (kid in a sweet shop syndrome) but Dietmar always made me consider the brief and my musical needs and gave me good guidance as to what was possible, useful, tasteful and beneficial to achieve the end result. Funnily enough the end result seems more creative and satisfying for it.

I also visited Dietmar during the construction just to see how things were progressing and to make sure all the various elements were as we both believed them to be. Here again it was an enjoyable and constructive process, as well as a reassurance that all was as we had planned and that the various aspects were right.

Blondie VI – Dietmar, does not give away all his secrets at one time

Dietmar, does not give all his secrets away at one time and I am sure there are many that we just do not get to know. But now that I have this fantastic instrument I am continually finding new and wonderful things about it every time I pick it up.

Whether it’s the different tones that it gives out every time I attack the strings in a different way or the music it makes me want to write just by the simplest of strums.

On Reflection – the joy of collabortation

This instrument musically, physically, visually and onstage is just a joy. If ever there was an example of the sum of the parts being greater than the whole then this surely has to be it. So back to the brief – an acoustic guitar with a deep body construction that sounds and performs as well on stage.

Does it get there – does it ever. Dietmar thank you so much. To view the finished guitar please click here


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