Nothing is Beyond Repair (Well Almost Nothing)

That has always been our philosophy. So if the worse happens then I am sure there is something we can do.

Our body repairs cover;

  • Restoring dents
  • Repairing splits and cracks
  • Full top or back replacement for acoustic or jazz guitars
  • Repair of bracing
  • Replacement of body binding

All our repairs are carried out sympathetically, sourcing and matching as closely as we can to the original whilst doing everything we can to maintain your instruments character and sound.

So if the worse does happen, lets talk…

Case Study – Takamine CP 132 CS

This is the thing about Dietmar. In many cases an instrument in this condition would be a write-off. But for many of us guitarists our instruments are our friends. We know how they behave, respond and feel and whilst (in many cases) we have many friends in our collections we value each and every one of them for their familiarity and sonic qualities.

Dietmar knows and appreciates this and in this case we see the resurrection of an instrument that should have retired gracefully. That which could be saved was.The rest was faithfully recreated and restored as good as new.

Work undertaken included removing the damaged top and binding, building and bracing a new top, repairing several cracks and splits in the body, rebinding all body edges, refinishing the body, resetting the preamp as well as giving the instrument a fret redress and overall setup for intonation and playability.