September 1999

Acoustic Jazz Guitar

Dietmar Krüger

Deep Body Jazz Guitar

The Brief:

This is where it all started for us.

Determined to build a jazz guitar that would embody all the dynamics and feel of a great deep bodied classic.

Vintage vibe with a modern feel.

Body depth: 120mm
Body width: 375mm
Top: Alpine Spruce
Body: Maple
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Ebony
Nut width: 48mm
Scale length: 648mm
Fingerboard: Ebony
Frets: 2 Jumbo medium
Tuners: Schaller M6 Mini – Ebony
Finish: Natural gloss

Jazzie die Ertse Saitenbrücke
Jazzie die Erste Halsgelenk Detail

Construction: This 17″ deep body uses classic A-bracing. The acoustic volume reminds you of that classic twenties jazz tone. The A bracing also allows for effective arch-top construction creating a visual and constructional harmony that few jazz players will want to resist.

Sound Samples: Don’t just take our word for it try our sound samples and hear for yourself.

All Collections
Jazzy Die Erste
  • Jazzie die Erste, Kopfplatte hinten
    Jazzy Die Erste Headstock Rear View
  • Jazzie die Erste Schallloch
    Jazzy Die Erste Custom Soundholes
  • Jazzie die Erste, Kopfplatte Vorderansicht
    Jazzy Die Erste Headstock Front View
  • Jazzie die Erste Halsgelenk Vorderansicht
    Jazzy Die Erste Inlays and cutaway
  • Jazzie die Erste Ganzkörper-Rückansicht
    Jazzie Die Erste Body Rear
  • Jazzie die Erste Ganzkörper-Vorderansicht
    Jazzie Die Erste Body

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