August 2008

White Lily – Blondie VI

Paul Muszanskyj

Custom built 6 string electro acoustic full body guitar.

The Brief: This design developed out of the old impossible dilemma of an acoustic with a deep full bodied tone that sounds great acoustically and then it also having to perform as well as an electro-acoustic on stage, with no feedback.

A tall order for anyone, but you can tell this is the sort of challenge Dietmar enjoys.

Body depth: 105mm
Body width: 420mm
Top: Engelmann Spruce Master Grade
Body: Sycamore
Neck: Flat D Maple
Nut width: 44mm
Scale length: 630mm
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Frets: 22 Jumbo medium
Pickup: B-Band A10 with Dual Pickups
Tuners: Schaller M6 Mini – Ebony
Finish: Nitro, High Gloss

Blondie VI model soundhole
Blondie VI model bridge and string pegs

Construction: Employing a Florentine cutaway for greater upper fret access and visual appeal the guitar plays with a 15 degree angle matched through the sound hole angle of the shoulder and cutaway through to the headstock. Giving this particular acoustic a quirky individual slant.

Unusually for an acoustic this model also uses a blonde wood neck to work with the very blonde nature of the rest of the instrument, accented with black binding and ebony fingerboard and fittings. The wood is close grained and designed for a bright acoustic response with good bass end resonance, isn’t that what every acoustic player wants.

Sound Samples: Don’t just take our word for it try our sound samples and hear for yourself.

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Blondie Vi
  • Blondie VI, Kopfplatte hinten
    Blondie VI headstock rear view
  • Blondie VI model endpin and inlays
    Blondie VI Endpin
  • Blondie VI model headstock front view
    Blondie VI model headstock front view
  • Blondie VI model preamp
    Blondie VI Preamp
  • Blondie VI model full body rear view
    Blondie VI model full body rear view
  • Blondie VI model full body front view
    Blondie VI model, full body front view

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