Dietmar building the B8 ukulele model

B8 Ukulele – Work in Progress

June 14, 2017 in News by Dietmar Krueger

Besides our guitar repairs and service work this last 12 months has seen a focus on the Ukulele and in particular the Tenor Ukulele.

To date we have developed, Acoustic (Uku-meine), Electro Acoustic (UK-lele & Uwe-lele models) and Solid body versions (Ukulel-E) for a range of clients. Now it is time for the next evolution the 8 string B8 Signature Model.

Based on twin pairings of strings with the top two pairings identical and the bottom pairing in octaves. This model has been commissioned to deliver a full rich sound with wonderful overtones. Built in this format this instrument allows for some amazing musical opportunities.

The twin string pairings bring a large range of sonic tools to bear on performance and composition giving the player a musical arsenal second to none.

Constructed using classic highly tuned bracing and struts with AAA timbers this instrument uses the best in design and materials to deliver a unique and instinctively playable ukulele.

This model is restrained visually with slot string headstock 4×4, asymmetric sound hole and Krueger inspired cutaway shoulder for high fret access.

Progress so far includes core neck and body construction. We are currently in the process of completing edge binding and then its time to apply a finish before setting up, configuring the intonation and final fine adjustments. Please check back for further updates.