I never believed that I would have had the chance to own a hand built guitar. Dietmar gave me that opportunity.

The guitar, I call “Airwing”, came to life over many months and it’s everything I had hoped for and more. And to have been helped through making it is the icing on the cake.

Tobias Aspiring Musician

My heirloom is finally back to the good order and condition I remember it had once been. It has got back it’s former playability and sound and now appears in it’s old freshness.

It was worth all the trouble Dietmar had to go through.

galoGalo Reinhardt Gypsy Style Player

Working together with Dietmar Krueger made a dream come true, a custom-made Jazz guitar corresponding to my wishes.

On the basis of Dietmar’s drafts and his knowledge we worked out further details in our next meetings. In this step-by-step process I could actively take part in designing “my guitar”. I just can’t describe the feeling of finally holding this guitar in my hands, a real masterpiece. Thank you ever so much Dietmar for making a dream come true.

ralfRalf Kohler Jazz Guitarist

Now that I have this fantastic instrument I am continually finding new and wonderful things about it every time I pick it up. Whether it’s the different tones that it gives out every time I attack the strings in a different way or the music it makes me want to write just by the simplest of strums.

This Instrument musically, physically, visually and onstage is just a joy. If ever there was an example of the sum of the parts being greater than the whole then this surely has to be it.

Paul Muszanskyj Guitarist and Songwriter

So I had this guitar in hand for a couple of weeks now and it is nearly impossible to put down. Rarely if ever have I played a 12 string with such an amazing action, low and light and a real joy to play, even right up the frets. Each and every string is so finely balanced for sound and projection that it is as even and loud as you could ever ask for, just perfect for stage and recording. So, does this instrument deliver? “Does it ever! Its evolution and exceeds all my hopes and expectations. Dietmar thank you so much.

Paul Muszanskyj Guitarist and Songwriter

As a guitarist for recording studios I must be able to offer any desired and required sound. Since I have been playing steel guitar and Dobros for the past 30 years, So I commissioned Dietmar to build me an Instrument that would cope with all my Dobro needs.I was enthusiastic about it immediately. The guitar has got everything I need: extremely easy to play, the sound adjuster has a perfect place and works effectively. So to speak: Plug it in and let’s go” The guitar sounds really good and last but not least (the eyes “listen”, too). The looks are wonderful.I don’t want to be without this guitar anymore.

Christian Schimanski Dobro Player

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