Its almost like leaving your child at the school gate on their first day, well thats how we like to think about the responsibility of looking after your prized instrument.

Whether you are looking for:

• a service of your guitar
• a necessary repair
• an upgrade
• or the ultimate of a custom build

We apply the same values and care to each and every aspect of our work and approach.

That is why we are keen to engage at every level of keeping their guitars in peek condition. We like to take the time to understand your performance needs and preferences and get under the skin of where you want things to be. We then provide an individual service that matches those needs.

We believe a relationship starts with that first conversation and welcome a chance to talk about your needs.

Dietmar Krueger in seiner Werkstatt

On a personal note

Clearly our customers and fellow musicians are at the core of our values and aims. But we all have our own personal motivators. Team Krueger is a tight knit one that provides the inspiration and drive that underpins our joy for the job and desire to bring great service to our customers.

In addition to “Team Krueger”, many others make our day to day possible and we would like to thank them;

• Sabine Kress (Sabine Kress Photography) for the fantastic images used on our “Custom Build Galleries” © 2017
• Pawlo Designs for the website and graphic design
• The many suppliers who always come up with the goods

And our many loyal clients and customers who have supported and continued to support us over the years.

Image of the company founder Dietmar Krueger and partner

Family of suppliers

We are proud of our relationship with a number of key suppliers. As we have grown our business it has been our pleasure to work with a range of highly valued suppliers. Their input, advice and support for our business and their high quality products have helped us provide some amazing options to our customers.

But we also know that as a musician you bring with you your specific needs and requirements and we work with you to match the perfect parts and materials to help meet your needs. We have built up a large network of main suppliers and manufacturers and will be happy to repair, restore or custom build to your specifications.

B-Band acosutic pickups and preamps logo

B-Band Pre-amps

We have fitted B-Band to many of our acoustic instruments. Their versatility and performance on stage or in the studio make them an ideal choice.

Visit the full range of B-Band options here

Espen Woods for instruments logo

Espen Timbers

We would be nowhere without the basic building block of our instruments. Solidbody, jazz or full acoustic Espen have been there to supply and advise with exceptional timbers for our instruments and repairs.

Please click here to visit the Espen website.

Rubner Machine Head and Tuners logo

Rubner Tuners

With custom instruments comes custom requirements and this is where our relationship with Rubner has proved so valuable. Their ability to supply and individualise beautiful and functional mechanical components is second to none.

To find out more please click here to visit the Rubner website.

Shellex Logo for inlay supplier for instrument surface decoration


When it comes to inlays for our instruments Shellex has been supplying us from the start. The range and quality is superb, extensive and always fires our imagination, which always keeps something fresh for every new design

To find out more about Shellex products and materials please click here

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