We pursue our passion for finest quality and service.

Learn more about what makes our services and handmade instruments so good.

Guitar Service

Everyone needs someone they trust with their prized guitar making sure that it’s in great condition and keeping it playing at its peak.

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Guitar Repair & Restoration

We can help bring your instrument back to its best whether through hardware upgrades, repairs or even a full ground up rebuild and restore. Call us and see how we can help.

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Custom Built Guitar

We have been building handmade instruments since 1999 including jazz, acoustic and traveller models. Talk to Dietmar to see how we can bring your guitar design to life.

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Traditional methods
Our skills & expertise have been developed over many years helping repair, restore and building fine instruments. You can be confident that when you leave your guitar with us it’s are in great hands.
Environment friendly
We work hard to ensure that all our materials and components are responsibly sourced. We endeavour to bring you the best in innovative options that match our ethos.
Local Service
We are a friendly local service provider and put you and your needs at the heart of what we do. Talk to us and let us help you get your guitar to its peak.

Thank you for being with us all this time.

We would like to share with you some of our landmarks.
Where it all started for us, “Jazzy die Erste”, handmade arch top guitar.
The beautifully ornate single pickup “Living Sea” deep bodied standard scale is developed.
The first of our highly individual Traveller Range the “Traveller Standard”, standard in name only.

Followed up later in the year by our stunning Deluxe model

Our first signature Traveller, The “Slide Edition” is designed to provide an amazing tone either DI or acoustic.
The logical next step The White Lily Jumbo acoustic. Full on sound restrained in looks.
A return to our Jazz roots with the full scale, deep bodied, single pickup “Champagne Smoke, Full Body Jazz guitar.
The Django inspired Gypsy style guitar is developed for Galo Reinhard.
The twin pickup thinline sister to Champagne Smoke is created.
Our first full scale and full body electro-acoustic “Blondie VI” is evolved and developed.
Airwing – private commission, with student Tobias as part of tutorial work.
The inevitable follow up to “Blondie VI, Blondie XII” is commissioned and delivered.
We relocate to the north coast and set up our new home and new workshop.
A welcome return to custom instruments with our range of Ukuleles, with the Ukulel-E and the Uk-lele.
This has been a very busy year with a number of models in the pipeline for 2017 including more ukulele’s, UK-meine, Uwe-lele and B8, 8 string models along with our first ever Stock “Standard” Tenor Ukulele. Outside of ukuleles we are developing a “Standard”a short scale acoustic Jazz guitar and a thinline electro-acoustic “Bossa”.
We return to our Traveller roots with the full sounding M6 and a real landmark our first Lapsteel the “Twister”. What will 2019 hold…

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